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The Perfect Distraction Blog Tour: (Book #1) by Melissa Rolka (GIVEAWAY)

6:48 AMAlma Lopez

Book cover:


When Katherine “Kate” leaves for her freshmen year at college, a grounded and stable piece of her is missing.  She pushes away the ghosts of her past, determined to start her college life single, carefree and distracted. 
Throughout high school Kate was reserved and shy, with little experience.  Now, on her own, with little holding her back, Kate is ready to branch out.  She bonds with a tight knit group of friends and even starts casually dating.  What starts out as innocent flirting on the tennis courts slowly turns into a friendship and eventually something more complex.  Reed comes into her life giving her the distraction she craves more than anything; but is she ready to give her heart away so easily?

Things get complicated when Kate’s ex-boyfriend and first love continues to pursue her.  Kyle deeply regrets breaking her heart when he left for college the year before and is now on a mission to reclaim her.  Kyle’s persistence and relentlessness is nothing short of obsessive.  He will stop at nothing to win her back and prove his love.

Kate finds herself torn between her past and the unknown of the future.  Her determination to stay distracted may just be her downfall or the beginning of something new and wonderful.  


Well this book was a delectable surprise from new author Melissa Rolka. The title could not fit this novel any better because let me tell you, Kate found all kinds of ways to distract herself from thinking about her feelings or face the harsh reality that is her life. After reading the teasers and excerpts for this debut novel, I presumed it was going to be a story involving a typical love triangle between two guys (Kyle & Reed) and the object of their affection, Kate. Man, was I wrong! This particular love triangle took on some hard unforgiving sharp edges.

"I'll wait a little longer even while we are back at school for you to decide, but not much. I will not date you casually, Kate. I will not be ok with you dating others while we are unknown." - Kyle

Kate goes off to college and attempts to break out of her shell and leave her family and love life problems behind. Her heart was heavy after Kyle, her highschool-once-thought-to-be-love-of-her-life broke her heart and left her to live the single life in college. She tries to distract herself with school, tennis, and dating new boys...living the college life to the T. She meets...no wait, she is engulfed by just one look from Reed after one night at a party. Reed and Kate's relationship became easy with occasional flirting and tennis matches that she looked forward to; it being the perfect distraction. Reed was the typical college player feeling that variety was the spice of life, but never knew how empty his life really was until he met Kate. He instantly wanted her but to his distaste, he wasn't the only one, so he flirted and admired her from afar.

One of Kate's unfortunate admirers is her ex Kyle who is determined to get her back. She always feels a weakness for Kyle. He always finds a way to manipulate everything in order to get his way. This forsaken conclusion came to an unbecoming fruition when she gave in and took him back. She hoped for the best, but things with Kyle were strained and soon became quite damaging with his controlling hostile behavior. These facts along with another troubling event, eventually leads to the demise of their relationship that probably shouldn't have had a second act in the first place.

"The pressure he can put on me and turn a situation around so that I comply with what best suits Kyle weakens me. I'm aware of this flaw in our relationship, yet when in his presence I am consumed and weak." -Kate

After her break up with Kyle, Reed couldn't stay on the sidelines any longer. He swooped in like an eagle starving for his prey. She was more than willing, because she always harbored an attraction to Reed and his deep sea blue eyes. Once Reed got a taste of Kate, there was no going back. The anticipation from their crazy sexual tension was agonizing. They both fell head first into intense feelings that were foreign to both of them. Reed was the polar opposite of Kyle, so Kate was just as blind to these new exhilarating emotions.

"I've got my flaws and I know it's not fair of me to ask you to take a chance with me...but God I've been trying and I've just been waiting for you to notice me. Now that I've gotten closer to you I'll take whatever I can get. You mean so much to me now. It's been a constant growing desire."- Reed

It's a Reed swoon feast up in here! Let me just enjoy this moment a second, because of course someone has to come rock the boat...and who better to do it then Kyle? Kyle's relentless pursuits soon verge into the stalker realm. He was not going to give up without a fight, despite the fight clearly being one-sided. An unwanted visit from Kyle one night caused unforgiving events of epic proportions. Everything changed that doomed night. Reed was Kate's knight in shining armor and was nothing but attentive, caring, and supportive. Kate on the other hand, was left with feelings of guilt and unworthiness. She felt that Reed deserved better, despite his continuous declaration of how deeply he felt for her. Everything in Kate's life intensifies and quickly spirals out of control. She is shattered, but finally realizes she must let go of all her distractions in order to face her problems with her family and the broken pieces that Kyle left behind. Now she is forced to deal with her life head on and attempt to mend those shattered pieces of herself so she can feel worthy of a man like Reed.

"He deserves more. He deserves a better me. I have too many issues to deal with and it's not fair to expect him to take that on. I just have to believe that somehow he'll understand and...maybe wait for me." -Kate

Wowza...talk about some amazing characters! Mrs. Rolka did a superb job at making an amazing connection between Kate and Reed. Sometimes the slow build up can turn me off, I get juiced up and a bit restless for the action, but it worked with them. I was left with all these unanswered questions...will Kate get he life worked out so she can feel whole again? If she does, will Reed still be there waiting and forgive her for leaving? Guess we will have to read the next book in the series to find out. Way to make a girl wait with impatient eagerness. I would gladly recommend this one to my fellow readers. Keep your eyes peeled for the next book in The Perfection Series!

4 out of 5 Fiery and Delightfully Distracting Stars!

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Author Low Down:

Melissa Rolka grew up in the Chicagoland area all of her childhood and has always had a love of writing. She started by keeping a journal at a young age and then in high school she started writing poetry. A couple poems were published anonymously. Then in college she majored in Philosophy, which required lots and lots of writing. After graduating from Marquette University she traveled west to Los Angeles. There she worked for the Writers Guild of America and found herself submerged in the writers world. She worked on small writings, but never pursued them. On the side she became involved with a small theater group. Eventually she made her way back to the Midwest, where her heart belongs, and worked in business for several years. She found love, got married and has two beautiful children. Being at home has allowed her to keep following her love of reading and writing.The Perfect Distraction is her first full length novel. A second continuation of this story is in the works with hopes for a third. When Melissa is not writing she is caring for, playing with and loving her two kids. In between taking care of her family and writing she almost always has her nose buried in her Kindle.

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