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Title: A New Face to Love
Author: Mandee Mae
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: November 18, 2013
Hosted by: A Dirty Book Affair



Jamie is filled with heartache from her past. She tries to move on, but her heart never completely heals. She’s shaken to her core when a brief encounter has her feeling things she thought she’d lost. Should she take a chance on her sexy friend who might want more than just friendship or does she finally discover who this unknown man is and what exactly it is that he wants? Follow Jamie as she discovers her friend’s true feelings for her and the decision she is forced to make when she finally discovers who the stranger really is. The decision is one that will change her life forever.

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“Yes, I was supposed to be out of town all weekend. I wasn’t due back until tomorrow evening.” I sit back on the couch, leaning against the arm rest, facing him so I can watch him when he talks. “Okay, so why are you back? You haven’t answered my other question yet either. Why were you at my house?” He raises my legs and scoots back on the couch, laying my legs across his lap and starts rubbing, back and forth, up to my knees and back down to my ankles. “Do you want the honest truth or what I think you want to hear?” Duh! “Honesty, Caleb, always honesty.” I tilt my head sideways, trying to figure out what he is about to tell me. He turns his head and looks me square in the eyes. “I came back because I saw there was a bad storm getting ready to hit.” Rubs up, then down. “I came back because I know you are terrified of storms.” Rubs up, then down “I came back because I missed you. I came back because during the last two years, I have always been with you during a storm. I went to your house to stay with you, but when I drove up and saw that tree had fallen through your living room, it scared the hell out of me and I had to make sure you were alright.” There’s something else in his eyes. Something he’s not telling me, but I’m not going to push him on the issue. I haven’t seen that look on his face before and I don’t know what to think about it. “Thank you, Caleb. Thank you for always being there for me, for always knowing what I need and when I need it. I don’t know what I would do without you in my life.” And I don’t. In the last two years, he’s done more for me than any other man. I pull my legs away from him and get up on my knees and scoot over next to him and wrap my arms around his neck. He brings his arms around me, pulling me in closer, causing me to fall forward landing on his lap. I have my face buried in the crook of his neck and his in mine. We just sit there, holding each other while the storm goes on around us. Something has changed in Caleb, but having him hold me like this feels good. It feels right. As soon as I think that I have a feeling of guilt wash over me. Gerrit.


What a surprising tale of left behind emotions becoming rekindled to a flamed-filled passion. This story had a nice refreshing spin on fated love. I hadn't read the first book Distant Myles, which told the story of Jamie's best friend Amelia and Myles, prior to this one. You don't necessarily need to read the first book, since it's the story of other characters. Although the plot may seem a little out there, it still effectively drew me in. The mystery man was misunderstood, but romantic from our side, since as the reader, you can easily guess it is her former love Gerrit. That being said, his approach was clearly verging into creeper status by the unknowing Jamie.

"Jamie, I wasn't lying when I told you that I loved you. I told you to always remember that and to never forget that I loved you. I had to believe that I would find you again someday. Walking away from you that day was one of the worst days of my life." -Gerrit

Right from the beginning, you get to experience the high school romance of Jamie and Gerrit that led them to fall in love. After graduation, they pronounced their love for each other, then he vanished...never to be heard from again. Pretty sordid and mysterious right? Jamie moved on with her life and moved with her best friend to a new town. Even though she seemed to have it all put together, she was still haunted with the ghost of Gerrit. She has a chance encounter with a mystery man at a grocery store, not once, but twice. He doesn't say or do anything, merely just stares at her. She can't shake the feeling that he seems somewhat familiar. She begins to receive anonymous notes accompanied by roses left for her. Jamie, along with her friends, begin to worry about her and her safety.

Despite the creepy tone of the notes, you can't help but feel the undercurrent of unrequited love in the air. While taking a walk in the park in attempt to clear her head, she runs into the mystery man. Gerrit finally gets a chance to tell her the truth about who he is. To say she was shocked to find out who he was is quite the understatement. After hashing things out at his house, she finally finds out what happened to him after graduation. Even though the story is understandable, she is left with all these emotions that were once in a comatose state in the back of her mind, but are now being shocked back to life from just being in his presence again.

"You're beautiful, Jamie. The fantasies I've had about you don't even come close to having the real you here with me." -Gerrit

Why couldn't she recognize him at the store you ask? Well the reason he looks so different is because he was in a horrible accident after he left, that damaged his face so badly he needed several reconstructive surgeries. She can still knows that it's him, but his friends are still not convinced this guy is legit. Jamie was finally reconnecting with Gerrit and getting to know the man he had become, so why not through a little wrench in the works right? Her other best friend Caleb, who she once dated and occasionally hooked up with over the years, was now acting differently towards her. Caleb eventually tells her that he has been in love with her for the past two years. She is confused by this development and to his motives for choosing this moment to let his feelings out. 

"I didn't tell you to upset you, Jamie. I told you because I don't want to lose you and I'm afraid that I already have. I'm afraid that I'm too late." -Caleb

Talk about a tough tension filled decision. Too bad, this isn't like a game show where she can phone a friend to help her out. Now she is stuck in a horrible position to choose between Gerrit, the love of her life who she barely just got back, and her best friend who she loves deeply. Emotions run wild in the confused jumble of  her mind and she has no idea how to even begin to make this monumental decision. She can't have both of them in her life, but is she strong enough to chose one and let the other go for good? The last bit of the story drove me a little mad. She speaks about the man she finally chose and we even get to enjoy the ride of their glorious reunion, but throughout that ride, we don't know which man she is with. There are a few inklings thrown in there, but it really could have been either one. We don't find out until the very end who the guy she chose was. Way to keep a girl on the edge.

"Yes, if you still love me and still want to be with me, than I'm yours. Always and forever, just yours." -Jamie

"I have always loved you and you have always been mine, Jamie. You just didn't know it yet."- ?-

I enjoyed this steamy, light, passion filled read. The story line was different from a lot of romance stories I have read. I know what you're thinking, why only 3.5 stars after a pretty positive review? It had a few quarks for me here and there...nothing huge that took too much away from the main story though. There was a lot of retelling of the the same stories throughout, that became a little repetitive. After Jamie tells some of her stories once, I think it's fair to simply summarize the retelling of those same stories to the other characters..no need for an exact play by play every time. Also, I found it a little surprising at how easily Gerrit was able to forget her transgressions with Caleb. I personally would have made her sweat a little. Maybe that's just me being a hard ass. Other than those minor details, the story was great and refreshingly different. I would recommend this sizzling finally reunited-and-it feels-so-good read.

3.5 out of 5 Hot, Fresh, Fated Love Stars!

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Author Low Down:

Mandee resides in Illinois. She is a wife and mother of two. She has just started in the writing world within the last year. Her husband and children encouraged her to take that leap of faith and start writing. She writes Adult Romance stories, for now. She loves spending time with her family and friends. Mandee loves to spend a great deal of time outdoors in the summer. In the winter she likes to curl up with good book, or a computer planning her next book adventure.
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