Exclusive Inside Scoop: The amazing VIP is now a Trilogy!

1:43 AMAlma Lopez

The fantastic debut novel VIP from M. Robinson will not only have a second book but a third as well.  I am giddy with excitement for this series. I along with the other readers thought it was a stand alone novel, but now we get the delightful treat of two more books! What a fabulous New Year's gift indeed. If you haven't read VIP, then you must go and read it before the next books in the series come out! I got the privilege to be on the blog tour for VIP and I was amazed and delighted by this thrilling story...a must read for sure. It was definitely in my top favorite books this year...if I sound like a groupie, that's because I am. (There's no shame in my game.)

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Teaser from VIP:

Teaser/Excerpt (VIP):

I stopped dead in my tracks and just waited. He smiled at me, brushed the sand off his lap, and slowly walked over to me. "What are you doing here?" I blurted out. He laughed and smiled, God did I miss that laugh and smile. "You look more beautiful than I ever remembered. I thought we could start over." He smirked. I cocked my head to the side and couldn't help noticing that his ring finger was bare and there was no tan line, it had been off, and it had been off for awhile. He extended out his right hand, "My name's Sebastian Vanwell." He nodded smiling. I grinned, "Ysabelle Telle," I replied shaking his hand, "my friends call me, Ysa." We stood there for a long time taking each other in, remembering what it was that we did to each other. The chemistry, passion, the connection: all still were alive around us. Even though there were tons of people everywhere, it was only him and I.
 And thus begins my love story...

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