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Shane Dekkar is an undefeated, gorgeous, and somewhat shy boxer from Compton California. In the ring, he's a beast, out of the ring, he's loving, caring, and intriguing. After the death of his grandfather, he moves to Austin and meets Kace by happenstance as she and her boyfriend are in an argument in public. He is drawn to her, and she to him. Her boyfriend drives away as she mouths the words "help me" through the window...
When they meet again two years later, Shane begins to believe in fate. But, as he prepares for a potential shot at a championship fight, he believes there's no time in his life or career or a woman.
Kace Meadows lives in Austin, Texas. Now 26, she has been in an abusive relationship since she was sixteen years old. As terrible as it is, she can’t seem to find a way to allow herself to end it. With her current boyfriend, she can’t seem to win. She finds hope in reading about her book boyfriends....and dreaming.
Until she meets Shane Dekkar, a boxer. Holy mother of perfection...
Shane fights his inner demons by using his fists. On the street or in the ring, Shane does what he does best, he wins at any cost. Unlike Kace, Shane can’t seem to lose.
Undefeated is an extremely romantic erotica novel about fighting. Fighting for what you believe in. Fighting for life. Fighting to live. And fighting to keep love once you find it.
Be prepared to be moved, touched, stand up and cheer, and cry your eyes out. This book will, without a doubt, knock you unconscious. This novel clearly defines the love that we all seem to want, yet can't find. This is not your typical boxing/fighter romance. This book will give you hope, make you feel, and cause you to wonder....wonder why you haven't met your Shane Dekkar.


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My oh my...I love me some sizzling hot Shane Dekkar! Shane was the perfect combination of sexy alpha male and heart melting tenderness. In the ring, he was pure raw power, but when he was around Kace, he was so respectful and gentle. I was drawn in right from the beginning, with Shane's cocky entry to this book. Kace's story is a tough, heartbreaking journey to not only escape her abusive relationship she was stuck in, but also to figure out who she really was. On her path to self discovery, she stumbles upon one sexy hooded male specimen named Shane Dekkar, who helps her find that inner strength. 

"Meeting you once might have been an accident, maybe happenstance. But meeting you twice, it's fate. I don't know what the end will bring, but I'll spend the rest of my life trying to find out." -Shane

Shane had his own inner demons that he was fighting. He used the boxing ring to fight those demons buried deep with in. His hoodie and his father's dog tags were the security he desperately held on to in order to keep him grounded. Despite his own battles, he wanted nothing more than to be there for Kace in her struggles. Kace finally got the courage within to break free from her abusive relationship, after one incident left her more battered than ever before. She had been in that horrid relationship for years, but let me tell you, when she hit her breaking point, she went out with a BANG! Unfortunately, that relationship was the only thing she had ever known, so all of Shane's kindness was very new and she had to learn how to venture into this unknown territory. Shane had to fight his natural instincts, because he didn't want Kace to be with him just because he saved her. He wanted her to want him because of who he really was.

"A codependent woman will attach herself to the first man that presents himself after she gets out of a relationship. I don't want to be your man out of a feeling of necessity. I want to be your man out of feelings of deep desire." -Shane

The sexual tension between the two could melt the polar ice caps. They both wanted each other, but Shane was hell bent on waiting until he knew she was ready. Cue in Kindle shaking frustration. Shane had to wrangle in is male desires on many occasions, and this only fueled Kace to show him she was ready and wanted him for all the right reasons.

"It takes every ounce of my ability to resist the desire to keep from raping this man. I can't even look at him without thinking of sex. By simply being himself, he gives me both a reason to live and he kills me." -Kace

Shane always had a deep seeded, angry need to protect woman that were abused. This has always been a huge part of him, but he never really knew where it all stemmed form. While connecting with Kace, his inner demons finally come into the light and everything becomes clear. Now he has to deal with all these new revelations...unknowingly, Kace is there to support him throughout.

"Shane was an angle, he really was. He took so many precautions to make sure he never did anything to hurt me. Everything he said, did, wanted, and liked was based on what he thought would make me happy. All from a man that was as unforgiving and brutal as he was in the boxing ring. Sometimes I couldn't comprehend how he could even be real." -Kace

I enjoyed this book and the individual journeys these characters went through. They helped heal their wounds and strengthen each other in the process. Shane was unlike the typical arrogant macho boxers absorbed by the lime light. He was respectful and his confidence was fitting of his talent, but never untastefully arrogant. I have to admit, the ending left me wanting more. I love me a good alpha male, fighter, sex god! All in all, it was a good book, and Shane really did it for me. I would recommend this book to my fellow readers out there who enjoy some sex on a stick bad boy with a heart of gold.

4 out of 5 Fighting for Love, Passion Filled Stars!

Author Scott Hildreth's Inspiration for Writing Undefeated

My inspiration to write Undefeated, and the hope that it may inspire someone to get out of an abusive relationship, came from the events described below. The events below are true. The events in the book are not. The book is one hundred percent fiction.
One weekend, I had a girl get in touch with me that I had never met. She had received my telephone number from a friend of a friend. Frantic, she attempted to speak to me initially, but each time she tried, she was overcome with emotion.
This emotion filled silence continued for almost an hour, and then we then actually began to communicate, albeit slowly, and one-sided. I learned through the conversation (that lasted almost eight hours) that she was bound by her husband, and gang raped by his friends. This happened for a few days. Against, if I even need to state this, her will. She was in and out of consciousness for two days. Eventually, she was released. In shock and extremely poor health, she contacted me from a remote hotel room.
I struggled with this event, and how to handle it. I struggled with this more than I have struggled with almost anything in my life. Vengeance. At what point does one administer justice to someone that the courts will undoubtedly not punish properly? The punishment for this particular crime, regardless of what was imposed by the court, would not be sufficient for the crime committed.
I chose at the time to speak to another close female friend about the event, and get her opinion.
Although I could not speak to my friend about the person, the events, or the intimacies of the above mentioned conversation, we spoke for some time in general about God, about law and about the difference between what is right and what is wrong. I shared with her my thoughts of feeling a need to resolve this issue with the caller’s husband on my own. When the smoke cleared, I sat in a coffee shop and thought. I made a decision. “Put up again thy sword into his place; for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.” I decided, for once in my life, that it was not my responsibility to resolve this issue. I contacted the authorities, called in a few favors from some friends in law enforcement, and the issue was dealt with in a manner in accordance with law.
My female friend, as always, proved extremely useful in her ability to convey her understanding of the message of God in a manner that I could listen to and accept. I have always struggled with attempting to do what is right (in my mind), and hoped that it was what was right in God’s eyes. I do not know that these things always were in line with one another.
Until now.
And now, a year later, the person from the incident above?
She is well. As well as she can be, considering all things. She is fortunate.
I struggle - still today - with thoughts of vengeance.
My struggle brought me to this.
I hope you enjoy.



Shane If I am attempting it, and I do not succeed, you can believe that I gave it my best effort, regardless of the outcome. I choose to do very little, and be exceptional at what it is I decide to do. I would much rather be perceived as being great at a few things than be a failure at many. I have always been honest with myself and conscious of who I am, but that doesn’t always help me understand why I am the way I am. On the outside, I am always kind, polite, and considerate of others. On the inside, demons reside. I don’t know why or what fuels the demons inside of me, but I am very aware of their existence. My consciousness of their need, necessity, and deep desire to be fed is what has caused me to choose boxing as my main outlet. I keep the demons fed, and they allow me to live an otherwise peaceful life. Fulfilling their hunger allows my desire to live a tranquil life to be met. As long as I continue to fight, they’re fed. When they are fed, I am allowed. Allowed to live.

 Author Low Down:


 Readers, I will never forget the first time I actually felt as if I had helped someone resolve an issue in their life. I was in middle school. It started then, and has continued throughout my entire life. I have always made myself available to talk to people and resolve (or attempt to resolve) issues that they struggle with. Having an exceptional ability to communicate has always been a gift of mine, and I have enjoyed doing so. Telling stories has always been second nature to me. Writing has been a passion of mine since I was a child. I have written poetry, romance, self-help, addiction, alcoholism, codependency, technical, and satire. There isn't a genre or a topic that I feel more comfortable with. I enjoy writing about whatever it is that I feel passionate about at the time. Being open-minded and often seeing abusive relationships unfold, I have always been passionate about abuse, or the prevention of it. My main focus has always been people that are incapable of helping themselves, primarily women, children, and the elderly. I have talked to hundreds of women that were in abusive relationships, and assisted many of them in removing themselves from these relationships. I try to focus in my writings to develop a story that makes people stop and think. To look at a subject or subjects from a different point of view. If I am able to get my point across, and make the subject entertaining to the reader, I feel that I have met my objective. I feel that I have tremendous depth as a person, and have had some great experiences in my life. To date, what life has offered me has been nothing short of spectacular. My opinions, point of views, and perspectives on matters are just that; an opinion. There isn't necessarily a right or wrong in what I write, but more of a belief. I always believe in what I am writing, and I further believe that the reader may benefit from viewing it from the written perspective. I hope that you enjoy reading what I have written as much as I enjoy writing it. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than knowing a reader enjoyed something I have written. Considering that, please take time to leave a book review if you have read something I have written.
Best Regards,
Scott Hildreth


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