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Blog Tour: Wanting Reed by Antoinette Candela

8:48 AMAlma Lopez

Title ~ Wanting Reed
Author ~  
Genre ~ New Adult.
Break Me Series book 2
Event host ~ Hooked on books 

“Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to.”

How do you live with yourself when you are the reason you lost the one thing that meant the most to you.

Timing is everything and for Reed, he can never seem to catch a break. When Reed returns to Boston to redeem himself he finds that Elle has already moved on, building a new life, a new beginning. He needs her to know that he meant every word before he left, that he never meant to leave her. Will he ever get that chance to tell her?

How do you love again when the one person who made you feel like you were his whole world left you with a broken heart? Hoping that life and new friends could keep her memories and feelings for Reed at bay, Elle chases life and all that it has to offer until she is confronted with heartbreak again.

Is time and space enough to get past losing your once in a lifetime or will Elle be always Wanting Reed?


Oh my offing God! This book was a torturous build up tease, that drove to the brink of madness. Wanting Reed is the continuation of the Breaking Me Series. I was left on the edge of my seat from the first book, Breaking Elle. We were left wondering if Reed was going to wait it out inTexas to recuperate, or was he going to rush back to Elle in order to fix the damage he had caused by all his secrets and past screw ups. Elle was left a broken mess after Reed didn't return to Boston, which was the perfect opportunity for all the side-lined guys in her life to swoop in to fill the void left behind. However, they were just mere vultures picking at the scarps left behind of her shattered heart. Reed was not easily replaced, and the memories of him were far to difficult to erase. I could not begin to  imagine what Reed would need to do in order to win her back...if it's even possible at all? This brought on a fair amount of fist pounding and unlady like grunting from all the frustration!

"I can't shake her smell, the feel of her hair, the warmth of her body, or the taste of her lips. She's all I've been thinking about and all that I've been missing. My heart is trapped in my ribcage, and she's the only one who can set it free. She trusted me not to hurt or destroy her. I never meant to, but I did." -Reed

There were many levels of frustration I felt from this book, it wasn't just one thing, but many different things that just kept mounting to unbearable proportions. All of the heart ache felt from the characters could have been prevented if things were done differently. If Reed would have just told her the truth from the beginning, then they wouldn't have been in that mess. The book starts off with Reed's months of rehabilitation from his attack. He is desperate to go back to Boston to fight to win Elle back. When he finally goes back he is met with what he dreaded would happen while he was away. It appeared that Elle had moved on and was happy, so he unwillingly stepped away to regroup and figure out what he was going to do. He tried to focus on school and getting back to football. You can feel his intense agony from losing her, and his overwhelming need to get her back. Elle is woven in every fiber of Reed's being, and the confusion is driving him to the brink. Other women are just a painful reminder of everything he wanted with Elle, but couldn't have. 

"I want to see her so badly. I only need one chance with her and it hurts so damn bad just thinking about it. If i have to see her in pain one more time just so I can pour out my heart to her, I will. I know it's selfish, but she needs to hear it so she can see that I mean every word I say and that I'm not this asshole that I left her high and dry." -Reed

While Reed tries and fails to reconnect with Elle, she is desperate for a distraction to help rid the thoughts and feelings that Reed still provokes in her. Elle continues to struggle with her erratic emotions that keep bouncing uncontrollably between Reed, Tyler, and Cane. To say that things in Elle's life become messy, is the understatement of the year. Despite all her misguided attempts to redirect her emotions away from Reed, she can't change what her heart wants...and even after all he has done, she still can't help wanting Reed.

"It's all but over. He's locked in my brain now, and I can't let him escape. I don't want him to escape. I want him here with me, but then I don't want him at all." -Elle

I had a serious case of emotional splash with this book. It was pure undiluted burning torture, but I loved every second of it. The build up held such promise for an explosive reunion. I yearned for them to come together again, because their connection was undeniably deep. Every time you thought it was heading for the bright loving light, something dark was thrown in their way to cast a doubtful shadow in their path. Even though, I was an edgy and frustrated mess during this read, I couldn't help love the journey and Reed's relentless resolve. The connection they shared was unquestionably passionate, all consuming, and soul penetrating. 

"Our bond is powerful, pure, and addicting. One thing is very clear; I can never get enough of this man underneath me. The way he grasps me against his body and the feel of him deep inside me, only leaves me wanting more with each passing second. I'll always want more with him. I've been broken, but he mended me. He is the man I need to love, and whom I need to love me." -Elle

There is so much heat with Elle and Reed that you can't help but feel it scorching up through each turn of the page. If you don't mind being completely frustrated and a bit angry at your book for the first half of the story, then strap yourself in and get ready to WANT Reed with a fierceness!  The only thing holding that last star hostage was my complete annoyance with Elle. She drove me crazy with her indecisiveness...some of it was warranted but sometimes I wanted to jump in there and shake the crap out of her. Nonetheless...Reed was just too irresistible to stay mad. Grab yourself a glass of water because your loins will be burning. I definitely recommend this series to my fellow readers. Go catch up with Breaking Elle and fall head first into hungry lust. 

4 out of 5 Frustrating, Passion-filled, I Want Reed Stars!

Wanting Reed - Playlist 

Lifehouse ~   Fool
Lifehouse Whatever It Takes 
Nine Inch Nails Closer Ed McBain “I’ll Be 
Savage Garden I knew i love you
Dave Mathew s Band Crash into Me
Daughtrey Feels Like tonight 
Usher/Dave Guetta Without You 
Jason Derulo The other side 
Enrique Iglesias Escape
Imagine Dragons Bleeding Out
Ellie Goulding - How Long Will I Love You

Title ~ Breaking Elle
Author ~  
Genre ~ New Adult.
Break Me Series book 1

Antoinette Candela is a little shy with a larger than life personality. Suffering from Peter Pan syndrome, she refuses to grow up. She finds inspiration for her writings from everyday life, through her fun and quirky interactions with friends and family and the drama that never ceases to disappoint.

One thing is for certain, Antoinette lives by her own rules. As a Bostonian she loves the Yankees and is proud to wear her “I Love Derek Jeter “T-shirt. You can catch Antoinette on the beach soaking in the rays, but when the rumble of the thunderstorm rolls in, she’s curled up with a book or tapping away on her keyboard.

Mother, Writer, Reader, Lover of Music and all things learning, Antoinette is the charismatic author of Breaking Elle.

5 Fun facts

1. I hated English in High School

2. I'm allergic to cats

3. I'm ticklish..everywhere and i hate it.

4. I love to watch scary movies but i cover my eyes when there's a scary scene. Don't ask.

5. I can't drink wine. It makes me sick. So I drink cosmos and martinis instead and do shots of patron.

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