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I want to tell you how great my life was. How I lived without regrets. With constant laughter. Without any tears. I want to tell you how I lived each moment to the fullest. How each breath I took was fresh and full of life. With eagerness. Without any fear.
I want to tell you all of that, but then my story would be masked with lies and not worth telling.
My life didn’t start until I left my past. And I left everything. My mother, my friends, my name.
My new name, the name everyone knows me by is Erin Lewis.

Four years after finding the courage to leave her hometown in Alabama, Erin is finally happy with where her life has led her. Not only is she secure in her environment, but the relationships she has formed center her, making her forget how damaged she once was. Before she can fully settle into her new life, her past crashes into her present, unraveling a set of events that destroy the very foundation she has built her new life on.

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This is so much more that just a love story. Erin's journey to self discovery was a struggle to not only find herself, but to figure out how to be strong enough to let love in. How can you truly know how to love someone if you never felt love in any form before? This was a beautiful heart clenching tale of a woman who was broken and wanted desperately to mend herself...but she didn't know how. This book was beautiful written, so that you really feel  every bit of Erin's painful battle with her emotions. The only thing that brought her any relief or solace from the memories of her past was music. It calmed her and allowed her to transport herself away from whatever nightmare she was going through.

"I could never pinpoint what it was about music that captivated me so completely. It was the only outlet that allowed me to cease to be me and just be." -Erin

Erin lived through a painfully tortuous past, that most people could never even survive. She not only survived, but had the strength to leave and make a new life for herself. She left Alabama behind, and started anew in Miami....new place, new name, new life. Erin worked hard and put herself through college all on her own. She was focused on bettering her future and leaving her past behind her where it belonged. That was easier said than done, however. No matter how much she tried, her past self continued to creep in bringing with it an onslaught of insecurities and mistrust. Despite all this she was able to find a great group of friends that loved her all the same. Her best friend Camilla was her rock and pushed her to be the person she desperately wanted to be. Erin and Camilla's connection was so endearing and deep. Camilla convinces her to take a trip to Key West before school starts back up. During this trip she meets a handsome and delicious, harmonica playing, cop named Trent. Erin and Trent have an instant connection and she is hopeful for a time. Trent could either be the best thing to ever happen to her...or he could be the person to kick up the dirt from her past that she wanted to keep buried.

"You can change your name and your address, but you can't escape your past, especially when it's still staring you in the face in the present." -Trent

Erin has an unexpected visit from a police officer who not only delivers some unfortunate news, but reveals her past to everyone she cares about. Her flight instincts flare up to an almost unbearable level and she wants nothing more than to run away again. Can she really trust these people with all her past baggage? Or will her painful insecurities fuel her to push everyone away? Erin strives to do the right thing, but even more tragedy strikes, which tests her will to the max. Her conflicting emotional war within is hard to bear at times. You can't help but root for her to succeed and overcome all the inner turmoil. Trent's dedication to her never wavers, even when she does her damnedest to push him away. Can she learn to forgive, and fight off her inner demons to finally be free to love?

"I had always been my biggest enemy, allowing my past to dictate my life and how I treated others. I had to stop hating myself, hating the life I had as a child. I didn't want to be the only person I could rely on. I had to put my past to rest so I could form meaningful time withstanding relationships with others." -Erin

Erin's salvation came from some unexpected people. She was forced by these people to change her outlook and make a real effort to use her past as a tool of strength instead of allowing it to continue to weaken her. This was such an inspiring journey to find that unconditional love that was thought to be only an unreachable dream in the stars.

"I found the comfort that came with that love. I found that pain could be shared, thereby lessening the weight of that pain. I found that I could comfort at the peak of my own distress. I found Trent; the only one who knew the song of my heart." -Erin

There is a lot of self reflection in this book...almost like a very descriptive, play-by-play monologue at times. At first I thought this could become a bit repetitive and annoying, but it really helps to drive you head first into Erin's emotional struggle. Yessi Smith did a great job of character building, so you truly connect with Erin in every aspect. It is not your typical hot panty melting romance novel... instead your heart will not only melt but burst with emotion. I recommend this book to my fellow readers out there, who love an inspiring struggle for the HEA that was thought to be completely unattainable. There is a novella for this book entitled, Our A Cappella, set to release Feb. 7.

4 out of 5 Inspirational, Heart Clenching, Fighting for Love Stars!

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Author Low Down:

I’m a Hispanic living in South Florida with my redneck husband from Texas and our “half breed” son, who is actually the reason I started writing again after years of celibacy. My son loves stories, but not the kind you can read in an existing book. No, he’d rather make up a story, complete with our own illustrations. So, thank you, Son, for igniting a flame I had let go out.

I also live with two dogs: a neurotic Border Collie we call Nitro and a midget Rottweiler named Nisa.
I have always found my sanctuary at the beach and in music and writing. I wish I could write rhymes so I could become a famous rapper, but rhyming is completely lost on me.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a Master’s in Human Resource Management. I have held several jobs, from picking up dog crap to upper management positions. And now I am hoping to leave the business world behind so I can live full time in a world that does not exist until I place my fingers on.

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