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Love........................The Ultimate Loss of Control

Rain and Raven Medici are identical twins. Although they come from a loving close-knit family their childhoods couldn’t have been more different. Raven went to school and was exposed freely to the outside world. Rain on the other hand was born with a blood disorder and denied many normal childhood experiences.

Once grown, Raven becomes a lawyer at their dad’s firm Kane & Medici in NYC. Rain along with her only childhood friend Tommy Conte, builds a very successful business as professional photographers. Traveling between Europe and Manhattan, and enjoying a world that was kept from her, Rain vows never to be controlled again.

Dominick Kane is a product of his upbringing. He’s powerful, self-assured and knows he can achieve anything he desires. Nothing gets in his way. There is only one
thing he has ever failed at. A relationship with his father Vincent Kane. Upon his father’s death, Dominick vows revenge. The events he sets in motion put him on a
collision course he himself will be unable to control.

In a bizarre twist of fate, Dominick kidnaps Raven as part of his plan for revenge. Only to discover afterward, he has taken Rain by mistake. Rain knows she can never survive being confined again. So she strikes a bargain with the devil and agrees to help Dominick get back what he feels rightly belongs to him. His father’s share of Kane & Medici.

Dominick decides to use the strong attraction growing between Rain and himself to control her in every way imaginable. Too bad no one ever taught Dominick you can’t control the heart. Nothing could have prepared him for the effect Rain would have on his.

Will this plan of revenge turn into unconditional love? Or will Dominick and Rain’s need for control ultimately destroy them and any possible chance for a real future

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I really enjoyed this story of crazy, sexy captor turned passionate lover! The air was filled with such a level of  forbidden attraction and I loved every second of it. I appreciate it when an author ventures outside of the romance box. Even though it is risky and the outcome can go either way when an author ventures outside of said box, it can elevate the novel to a whole new level of awesomeness when it's done right. The tension was both sexually tantalizing and intense. This tale is about Rain, who happens to be a twin, but also has lived a sheltered life because of some medical issues she has. Rain was able to break free from from the shackles that her family restrained her with, and began to live her life to the fullest. A case of missing identity, caused her to be thrown head first into being held captive by a mysterious, yet sexy adonis. Her feelings get thrown into a whirlwind of confusion, because the brooding sex god isn't treating her like she expected a captor would treat his captive. Dominick has his reasons for taking Rain, but what he doesn't know is that he kidnapped the wrong sister. What he finds in Rain, surprised him just as profoundly.

"It's extremely hard for me to focus with no space between us. He's my captor and yet I find him attractive. Which terrifies and disgusts me all at the same time." -Rain

Rain fights her troubling emotions, despite the electrifying feeling it evokes deep inside. Eventually, her medical issues give her away, and Dominick finds out who she really is. They begin to have an amicable rapport, as crazy as that might seem. As their relationship progresses, Rain becomes aware of Dominick's plan and decides that in the best interest of everyone involved, she would become a willing participant in his plan. Neither one of them expected to have these growing feelings of desire, but it seems that neither of them can deny them much longer either. The sexual tension is so much more delicious and intense, because it is so forbidden yet unquestionably inevitable.

"I want to discuss something with you. Please, Rain."

"There's nothing to discuss, Dominick."

"Why because you don't want to admit that you feel it too? You want to deny it because it's easier to hate me. You want to keep yourself as far away from me as you can and keep an agreement with no feelings between us at all."

They can't resist the connection they share anymore, and just give in to what they both desperately desire. Rain wants to believe that what they share goes beyond their initial agreement, but lingering doubts fill her nonetheless. How can they truly move on and have a trusting relationship, given how they came together in the first place. Can Dominick let go of his anger that fuels his motives to seek revenge? How can he prove to Rain that his feelings are sincere and he truly loves her? All of this is enough to derail their crazy relationship, but there are even more mounting obstacles that are thrown their way. Dominick needs control and given Rain's upbringing, she refuses to relinquish the control she has fought so hard to finally have. She tries to live with no regrets no matter the outcome of events in her life.

"Rain, you listen to me and you hear me good, you belong to me. Nothing compares to you and no one ever will. I can't be apart from you, baby. You are all I want and all I see. Now give me your mouth and kiss me." -Dominick

Ahhh...what a sexy beast alpha male Dominick Kane is! Dominick can make me his any day of the week. This book took me on an unsuspecting ride of maddeningly passionate euphoria! The intense tension and mystery made for a truly pleasurable outcome. Rain and Dominick were constantly struggling to overlook the ever present feelings of how they used each other in the beginning. Just when your emotions hit what you think is the pinnacle point and there possible can't be guessed it, there's MORE! The ending of this book left me on the verge of hair ripping madness. I usually hate cliffhangers, but this book provoked such an animated reaction out of  me, that I couldn't hold a grudge. Way to leave a girl hanging Cleo! I appreciate the boundaries being pushed in this book, because for many people, overlooking being a captor and falling in love, is psychologically impossible. That just enhances my love for the journey all the more. I will be on stalking status for the next book. Go read this book won't regret it!

"You may think I brought you out of the darkness, but in reality we were both in the dark and we walked out together. My life was hard, but it got better. Better is not necessarily living. I see that now. I have realized that I haven't really been living until I met you. You make me feel like I'm truly alive. I will never regret being with you no matter what happens between us. I will always be grateful to you for helping me to grow stronger. You are where I want to be."- Rain

5 out of 5 Intensely Delicious, Hot Alpha Man Beast, Forbidden Stars!

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Author Low Down:

As far back as I can remember, I've loved books. I love reading them and finally, I've admitted to myself that I love to write them.

One day after Hurricane Sandy hit the shores of NJ, I read an interview about longtime friend and fellow author Joseph Grant. It really hit home for me. So after talking with Joe and my mom, I jumped into the world of writing and recently self-published my debut novel Miss Taken in 2013. No longer "for my eyes only."

Since the day I started to write Rain and Dominick's story, I've never looked back, nor do I regret one single moment of it.

When I write, much of the time the story plays in my head as a movie and sometimes even includes background music. We can all use a little background music. 

I try to add elements of things I love. And share them with the readers. I'll continue to create characters and stories that you can laugh, cry, love, hate and even become slightly crazy about. 

Let's face it, we can all use some crazy every now and then.

Currently I'm working on Identity, Book Two in the series.

When I'm not writing, I'm spending time with family and friends, my Dobie, Blue; and of course, hanging down the Jersey Shore.

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