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9:41 AMAlma Lopez

Title: Monster

Author: Francette Phal

Genre: Erotica

Accidental Gold digger.
Circumstance forced Eden Mercer to sell herself to Dominic Armstrong for half a million dollars and in return she is to play the dutiful wife in public and submit to him completely behind closed doors.
The Tyrant.
Dominic is Ruthless, manipulative and sadistic but Eden is determined not to break under his cruelty. But how does one persevere when in the clutches of a Monster?


I completely devoured this book! I loved every dark, deep, emotional word written. The blurb easily draws you in, but really it is just a small glimpse of this amazing multidimensional read. Initially, it had certain similar undertones to Underestimated by Jettie Woodruff, which I beyond loved. This actually lured me further in. That being said, it quickly breaks free and distinguishes itself in an amazing and enthralling adventure. Both Eden and Dominic were intensely troubled and complex characters that you can't help be drawn to. Eden was a desperate woman who impulsively agreed to a deal with Dominic, a monster personified. She agreed to marry him for money, and she was to be the trophy wife at his beck and call in and out of bed.  She had no idea the extent of the demons embedded in Dominic that would unfortunately be thrust upon her unknowingly.

"He was the bread winner, the Alpha dog with a type A personality, and Eden was tasked to do simply two things: be the arm candy and a whore in bed."

Dominic had deep dark demons that he took out on Eden without a second thought. He took pleasure in humiliating her, especially sexually. So it is no surprise that Eden was desperate for escape. She begins to plot a way to get away from him without him ever being able to find her again. Eden does a great job at hiding for awhile, but we all knew it was a matter of time before the darkness would find her again. Eden had grown to become a stronger more independent version of herself, more than able to finally defend herself when it comes to the big bad Dominic. Despite her greatest efforts, she once again was in a disturbing disadvantage, because Dominic now possessed the ultimate leverage to get what he wanted from her. That bastard always played dirty and he had no morals, so she was sure to lose no matter what. Eden did however, strike something deep in Dominic when they first reunited, so he made her another offer. She was to stay with him again for 6 months, then he would gladly sign the divorce paper she was desperate to have. 

"He'd purposefully mistreated her, manifested his internal agonies on her so that he wouldn't need to face the issues at hand. She'd been his own personal whipping girl, the more he'd demeaned her, the more he'd demoralized her, the easier it had been to hide from his own demons."

So, Eden found herself trapped inside the monster's lair once again, but this time she wasn't alone. She refused to go back to how things were between them no matter how threatened she was by him. Dominic quickly realizes that this new Eden is not the same gold digging woman he defiled for years before in their sham of a marriage. Wild unexpected emotions begin to wage wars in both of them. They both want each other physically of course, even though Eden goes to greater lengths to fight it than Dominic does. 

"Do you feel that?" Her kiss bruised mouth parted in a soft gasp, her golden eyes widening as she felt his fingers dancing just beyond the damp barrier of her panties. "How wet you are? That's your pussy salivating for my cock."

Holy mother of all things hot! The sexual chemistry between them was scorching and goose pump inducing for sure. Eden was hell bent on denying all the emotions Dominic provoked in her, because suddenly it became more than just physical. She began to see a whole different side to her husband that confused her to no end. The confusion aside, Eden couldn't convince herself that this new Dominic was genuine and not just a plot to trap her forever. How can she possible trust her newfound emotions, when every instinct in her screamed "STAY AWAY"?! Could Dominic truly be capable of emotions he new nothing about? His past fueled his demons, and no matter how hard he tried to see the light, he felt the darkness lurking in the shadows. Even if Eden can find it in herself to forgive the years of torment and humiliation inflicted on her by her husband, can she ever really trust him again?

"I know you have your demons, and I can't begin to understand how hard it's been for you. But you have created my demons; you've made it so that I can't trust you. You've made me fear you."

I was a happy passenger in this wild journey of unearthing the good buried deep down in the monster that was Dominic Armstrong. He was the epitome of bad Alpha male...the big bad wolf in human form. Looking beyond the tough, emotionally scarred, and flawed man, there was a little boy who was desperate for love and acceptance. This book not only had an intense and captivating storyline, but was really beautifully written. I haven't read any of the other books by this author, but if they are written anything like this, I will have a permanent seat on the Francette Phal train. I love a book that pushes my boundaries and completely consumes me, and this book did both. I definitely recommend this book to my fellow readers who love a little dark, emotional naughtiness in their romance books! 

"I don't know what love is, Eden, but if I did, I know it would not come close to how deeply I feel for you. This thing, this feeling I have is unconventional. It's emotion right down to its most basic element, and it rules me, it controls every aspect of my life until all I can see, all I can taste, all I can feel is you."

4.5 out of 5 Emotionally Gripping, Damaged, Wildly Consuming Stars!

****Warning the following excerpt is for 18+ only****
“Soon, sweetie, I promise,” he soothed. She moaned softly as he licked her ear, dropped soft warm kisses across her shoulder blades, he moved down her back, a wet tongue and hot mouth traced and kissed each vertebrae, making a slow and steady progress down her spine. It was a torturous progression that boiled the blood in Eden’s veins as she waited in bated anticipation. Breath stilled in her lungs, eyes widening when he drew apart her butt cheeks and ran his tongue down the wet crevice, from clit to the puckered rosebud of her hole and back again. It was undoubtedly one of the most erotic things he’d ever done to her body, and Eden didn’t know how to breathe properly. She gripped the sheets beneath her hands and bit down hard on her bottom lip to keep from screaming.
It was like a shot of adrenaline straight into her vein. It was blood vessels dilating, her heart galloping uncontrollably in her chest, it was gasping for breath when the air she drew in wasn’t enough. He owned her body, ate it like sun ripened peaches and drank the flowing juices of her weeping womanhood with his rapacious tongue. There were fingers there, slipping between the folds to dive deep into her blistering heat, while his thumb worked at her puckered hole, his wicked, wicked mouth showing Eden exactly how very little she knew her of own body. There was nothing but the explicitness of this act, the hyper awareness that made her feel like each inch of her body was struck by lightning, that killed her and gave her life all in one electrifying jolt. He was merciless and perfect, inviting her to shove her hips back and ride his face.
Death was imminent, sweet cataclysmic death seduced her into the gaping, welcoming arms of her orgasm. She plummeted, shattered into delicious little pieces on his tongue and fingers. Recuperating wasn’t in the stars for her as he gripped her hips and plunged into her depths in one long stroke. Pulling her arms and folding them at the small of her back, he held them there with one large hand as he sank in deeper, so deep that it hurt so good. Ass high in the air, face down in the sheets, Eden was at his complete mercy, filled to absolute capacity with his cock, and she whimpered, the vulnerability of her position giving her a sweet high.
“I’m going to beat this pussy, Eden, and you’re going to scream my name.”
And she did, a promise made completely true as he fucked her like a porn star. She screamed like the world was falling, his repeated strike against her G-spot making her see stars. It was too damn much, his jarring thrusts so deep that she could taste him, spurred her fall and she orgasmed on every inch of his cock.
Francette lives in Massachusetts with her amazingly supportive husband of ten years and her darling two year old son. Reading amazing books has led her to writing and she’s dabbled in fan-fiction before self-publishing her own works. She’s constantly thinking up new stories to write and does her best work when music is playing in the background. Romance is where she’s most comfortable but she hopes to one day venture in mystery novels. She has a weakness for coffee ice cream, tropical fruits and a good glass of wine.

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