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Bonus Scene & Giveaway: Let me Love by Michelle Lynn

4:45 AMAlma Lopez

Title: Let me Love 

Seires: The Invisibles Series Book #3

Author Michelle Lynn


 A chance encounter. An undeniable connection. An unimaginable twist of fate.

Kailey’s life is crumbling. Her best friend and sister, Jen, is dying, leaving her young family devastated. With little hope of saving her, Kailey is forced to face a reality she never expected.

Trey’s life is fun and carefree. He loves the girls, his drums, and his friends. That’s not to say he isn’t continuously plagued by a difficult decision made years ago—one that changed the course of his life.

Despite the connection they make when their paths unexpectedly cross, Kailey knows her life has no room for anyone else right now. But regardless of how many times she pushes him away, Trey only fights harder to make a place for him in her life and in her heart.

Trey thought he knew heartbreak, but he had no idea until life gave him a second chance, only to snatch it away just as fast. This time he’s determined to keep his place in the life of the ones he loves.

Is there such a thing as fate? If so, can Kailey and Trey hold on to one another long enough to discover there’s no such thing as a chance encounter?


I curl my knees up to my chest, shivering, my face glued to the couch. I peel my mouth away from the leather, wiping the drool as I sit up. Shit, it’s cold in this state. Staring at the practically empty bottle of Jack sitting on the coffee table, regret hits me. I’ll be useless for the rest of today. That is, until I can drown myself into another bottle tonight.

After I stand up, I attempt to steady myself by holding my arms out, like a toddler on a balance beam, willing the room stop swirling. “He’s down here,” Dex screams up the stairs.

“Shit, quiet the fuck down,” I tell him, and he laughs boisterously. Jackass!

“What the hell, man? We’ve been searching all over for you,” he says, plopping himself on the couch.

“Well, you found me,” I say, sitting back down, grateful for the excuse not to move for the time being.

“You got to get it together. We’re going to that party at Sam’s tonight. Screw Kailey, there’ll be plenty of girls begging to have your dick tonight.” Dex’s attempt to pull me from this funk, only reminds me of who Kailey thinks I am.

“Shut the hell up, Hulk.” Brady smacks Dex across the back of his head. He tosses me a bottle of water and sits on the other side of me.

“Just because you and Grant have gone all in, doesn’t mean the rest of us want one pussy for the rest of our lives,” Dex adds with humor in his voice.

“Grow up,” Brady says and picks up the nearly empty bottle in front of him. “If this,” he waves it in the air, “and fucking a different pussy every chance you get is being single, then I’m more than happy where my dick lands every night,” he finishes, setting the bottle back down.

“Save us the whole commitment is the best speech,” Dex banters back.

Brady stares Dex down in annoyance while all the back and forth makes my headache a little more intense.

“If she has you doing this, she must be worth it.” Brady cocks an eyebrow at me, and I stare back at him, already recognizing he’s right, but no way in hell am I going to admit it to him. 

“Shit,” I mumble, and Brady drones his fatherly know it all ‘uh huh’ under his breath. Cocky bastard.  Standing up, I take the steps two at a time. Right before I reach the top, I hear Brady and Dex talking.

“You give shitty advice,” Brady tells Dex.

“Fuck off, Mrs. Sadie Miller,” Dex says in return. “He’s gonna become pussy whipped, just like your ass.”

“And believe me, he’ll be happier,” Brady adds. As I reach the main floor, I pray Brady’s right.


“Are you having fun baby?” I ask her, sticking a finger in my ear, so I can hear her.
“Yeah, we’re finished with the spa and about to head out to eat. Sadie booked some five star restaurant,” she answers, her voice wavering.
“Did you enjoy the relaxation?”
“I’m not going to lie, it was nice.” She sighs, and I imagine the smile on her beautiful face.
“I relax you more, right?”
“Yes, Trey, no one can make my muscles turn to mush quite like you.” She laughs, making me wish it wasn’t over a damn phone line, but that she was right next to me.
“Kailey,” I whine, causing her to giggle some more. It’s great to hear her laugh so freely. There was a time I worried she might never laugh.
“One night, Trey. Are there strippers there?”
“Not yet, but according to Dex they’ve been hired. What about you guys? No strippers, right?” I clarify more for myself.
“I’m not saying,” she jokes.
“Go, Trey, have fun with your friends. I’ll see you in the morning.”
“I love you, baby. We’re meeting at the diner for breakfast, and then you’re coming home with me for the day,” I remind her. I haven’t slept without Kailey in weeks. It’s the only reason I’m debating getting shit faced tonight, just so I can pass out and maybe hallucinate that she’s lying beside me.
“Sounds good. Oh, hold on a sec.” I hear muffled talking between the girls. “What Jessa?” she screams while the phone shuffles in hand. “Jessa says enjoy the strippers. Bye, baby.” The cackling of female laughter comes over the receiver, and I pull the phone back from my ear. Then there’s a click and silence.
A text message comes through immediately from Kailey, saying she loves me before a loud bang hits my door.
“Let’s go, Michaels. Get your skirt on and get your ass out here,” Dex yells through the door.
“Shut the fuck up,” I say to him when I open the door, following him downstairs.
He rubs his hands together, practically salivating. “The strippers will be here any minute.” The excitement clear in his eyes. A few months ago, I would’ve felt the same way. “Now quit being a Sally, and enjoy yourself.” He clasps my shoulder and ventures into the crowd.
The house is packed full with guys. Not only our usual crowd, but some of Grant’s fraternity buddies too. They’re actually an okay group of guys, maybe a little rowdy, but all in all pretty easy going.
I take a seat at the poker table set up in the kitchen. Brady and Grant already have a stack of chips in front of them. Grant has one of those drunk perma-smiles plastered to his face, and Brady’s his usual sober self.
“How’s Kailey?” Grant tries to elbow me, but instead of actually making contact, he almost face plants on the table.
“She’s great. Just watching a couple guys grinding against Jessa,” I shrug my shoulders, and he bolts up in his chair, sending it flying across the room. The wooden chair hits the cabinets, and Brady stands up, placing his hand on Grant’s shoulder.
“I never imagined you as an angry drunk,” I tease him, and Brady narrows his eyes. “All right, I’m just joking, big guy. They’re going out to eat, no strippers.” I playfully punch him in the stomach, and his whole body slumps, relaxing instantly.
“Shit, man, that’s not cool.” He shakes his head back and forth, grabbing the chair and sitting back down.
“Sorry, but you won’t stop razzing me about Kailey when the two of you are just as whipped.” I point to them with the neck of my beer bottle.
Grant and Brady turn to look at one another and start laughing before facing my way again. “You know how much shit you gave us,” Brady reminds me.
I contemplate what they’re saying, and yeah, I guess they’re right. “Whatever.” I’m not about to admit it to them, though.
Kipernick deals the cards, and we’re all about to ante up when the door bell rings. You’d think someone just rang a dinner bell the way these dogs all quiet down and shuffle into the family room.
A group of frat guys push Grant into the family room and plop him in the sole chair in the middle of the room. Brady and I keep are distance, admiring the scene from the doorway.
All the guys are cheering and hollering when the three girls in much too skimpy of clothes enter the room. Brady and I cock an eyebrow at each other because something that doesn’t seem right. We turn our focus back to the scene that’s about to unfold in front of us, undoubtedly seeing something the other drunk asses aren’t.
Music starts blaring and the three girls circle Grant, similar to vultures getting ready to feast on their next meal. I take a swig of my beer, unable to keep the smile off my face from the anticipation of how this will turn out.
“Oh shit,” I mumble, laughing to myself. Brady knocks me with his shoulder, questioning what’s going on, and I shake my head, figuring out why the girls were laughing so hard on the phone. Leaning over to him, I whisper what I’m pretty sure has happened, and he doubles over at the waist, clutching his stomach as he joins me in laugher.
No one pays attention to us, too focused on the one with the Adam’s apple now unbuttoning her shirt, sauntering over to Grant. His hands are glued to the chair, and his face is beet red. I’m not sure he’s enjoying any of what’s transpiring before his eyes. In about two minutes, that redness in his cheeks will be from a different kind of embarrassment, though.
The two girls’ hands roam across his chest, his shirt rises and falls exposing his abs. Then the third girl bends over as she drops her miniscule skirt, and her thong doesn’t nearly cover what it needs to, giving Grant a view of a part of her anatomy that shouldn’t be there. Grant mimics his move from earlier in the kitchen. The chair flies back, hitting two guys in the shins, and the other girls[BP1]  arms swing back. He starts shaking his head vehemently back and forth.
“What the hell, Dex?” he yells, and Dex raises his eyebrow in question, obviously confused about why Grant has a problem with a hot chick shoving her ass in his face. “They’re DUDES!” he yells, and the room roars with laughter with the revelation that the three hot strippers are Drag Queens.
The Adam’s apple girl walks up and allows her finger to trace down his stomach. “Your fiancĂ© wanted to make sure you had a memorable bachelor party,” she seductively says.

“Oh believe me, he has!” I scream. Soon the music starts drowns out the buzz of voices, and the party doesn’t miss a beat, adding three new guests. My phone buzzes in my pocket, and I pull it out, seeing the best thing of night.


Michelle moved around the Midwest most of her life, transferring from school to school before settling down in the outskirts of Chicago ten years ago, where she now resides with her husband and two kids.  She developed a love of reading at a young age, which helped lay the foundation for her passion to write.   With the encouragement of her family, she finally sat down and wrote one of the many stories that have been floating around in her head. When she isn’t reading or writing, she can be found playing with her kids, talking to her mom on the phone, or hanging out with her family and friends.  But after chasing around twin preschoolers all day, she always cherishes her relaxation time after putting the kids to bed.

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