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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Ashes by S.D. Mary

4:03 AMAlma Lopez

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Book 3 in Beyond Trilogy
SD Mary
And in the end all things will be revealed.
Claire and Sebastian's story continues in the last installment of Beyond Trilogy.
Will they fight for their love and will this love be enough to keep them together as fate throws them new challenges?
Will the end be a happy one?
Will they rise from their own ashes just like a Phoenix bird?
Remains to be seen in the last book of this amazing journey.
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Wowza...this was the perfect ending to this trilogy! The first two books set up the emotional impact of all of Sebastian and Claire's demons flawlessly, so that the eventual crash was explosive. They had already aired out their dirty laundry and throughout the first books you clearly feel the waft of Claire's demons still hovering around ready to claim her if the time comes...and unfortunately, the time comes for Claire. Thanks to that alluring temptress S.D. Mary, we were left dangling from a huge ass cliff after the second book. Thankfully I read the first two books right before I received the third book to read for the blog tour, so I didn't spend too much time stressing on the edge of my seat. This last installment was emotional, explosive, and enticing. My Kindle was glued to my fingers until I was finished. 

"As expected, we burned in flames and transformed into ashes at the end of one unfortunate day."

Everything was going so damn amazing for Sebastian and Claire towards the end of book two...so of course someone has to come along and eff it up for them. Sebastian effortlessly slipped on his shining armor and quite literally took a bullet for Claire after she was attacked by her ex's deranged wife. After all the worry was put to rest and Sebastian woke up, they had another whole effed up situation to battle against...Sebastian couldn't remember Claire or a whole 15 year chunk of his life. If that wasn't enough, the last memory he had was getting ready to marry that harlot Nicole. Did Nicole woman up and do the right thing and set him straight...hell no she didn't! She took full advantage of the situation and slithered her devious way right in. Fortunately Sebastian could almost immediately feel the unease of the whole situation. He was completely turned off by her, which made me do my happy dance. Despite the fact that he still couldn't remember Claire, he was haunted by her image and presence. Sebastian dreamt of Claire, which he was sure were not mere dreams, but memories of their life together. 

"By the time I arrived at my apartment I was determined to make Claire mine again. We had chemistry, that much was obvious. Even without me remembering, I felt drawn to her. I wondered how she tasted, how would she scream when I entered her, how she would melt in my arms beneath my kisses."

The feelings provoked in Sebastian by the ever growing blind allure of Claire was beginning to consume him. He was determined to get her back somehow. Certain events happen that eventually bring them together and it would seemed he would get his chance to have her back in his life. He also began to remember certain things from the chunk of time lost to him, but Claire was the last piece of the puzzle that he still needed to complete. Claire refused to let herself give in completely, because she didn't want the semblance of love that she believed he felt for her now....she wanted the passionate and all consuming love they used to share. She also couldn't believe his feeling were genuine, when he didn't know about all her past demons. Claire felt that Sebastian was in love with a different seemingly put together Claire, not the real and flawed Claire. Ahhh....talk about frustration. Her battle within herself was more painful to endure then Sebastian's struggle with his memories. 

"Remembering her was not needed, my body craved her, my mind wanted to know her. Somehow I was happy I would get that chance. My mind was in the right place, even if my brain couldn't recognize her. She was mine and I was hers. She would know this now."

The fight they endured to get back the love that they both desperately craved, was a tough thing in itself, but there are many other tragic events that unfold that all lead to their impending destruction. Can their eternal love survive after all they have endured. Do they have enough fight left in the end? Will Mr. King be able to dub that armor again to become that knight that Claire depends on? Could love be enough this time around, or is the damage done be beyond repair? It seems like they are always in a contestant state of agony...always fighting for that happily ever after. To say it was emotionally draining, would be an understatement, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

"I feel his arms surrounding me, I feel his breath caressing me. I feel his love filling me up to the point of no return. This is the point of no return, this is beyond our life, a cosmic love that takes all and gives all."

I have to admit, I was flirting with a love/hate relationship during this read. Those are the kinds of books I love though...the emotional struggle pays off in the end, despite the occasional screams of frustration. The build up from the first two books really amplified all the emotional turmoil in the conclusion to this trilogy. The author does an amazing job and building a deep connection to the characters. You really feel every  intense emotion that was thrust upon them as a couple and as individuals. Sebastian's unwavering determination just upped his level of hotness in this one...uncontrollable swoon alert! I would definitely recommend this entire series to my fellow readers. Be sure to scoop all three of these books up. You will devour them all in one sitting!

5 out of 5 Emotionally Gripping, Passion-filled Stars!

about the author

Hi, my name is Mary, S.D. Mary is actually a pen name and it derives from my real name. I am 29 years old, married to a wonderful and very handsome man and I live in a small country in Europe.
I work in advertising and I love it. Besides writing I also love cooking and reading, of course, and lately I enjoy swimming, so that is my health hobby.
Writing has always been a passion and up until recently I wrote several essays in my native language. So, if you feel there are words or phrases that don’t seem like the usual writing, it’s because English is not my native language.
Smoke is the first erotica book I have ever written and is part of a trilogy, the Beyond Trilogy. It follows the life of Claire and Sebastian and tells their story from a dual point of view.
That being said, I hope everyone will enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.
I look forward to any comments or suggestions on my blog: www.marysd-author.blogspot.com

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