*Book Girlfriend Week* Abby Abernathy

11:58 PMAlma Lopez

Name: Abby Abernathy (Pigeon)

Where You Can find Me: Beautiful Disaster

Main Man In My Life: Travis Maddox

He held the door shut with his hand. "I'll stop fighting the second I graduate. I won't drink a single drop again. I'll give you the happy ever after, Pigeon. If you just believe in me, I can do it."
"I don't want you to change."
"Then tell me what to do. Tell me and I'll do it,", he pleaded.
Any thoughts of being with parker were long gone, and I knew it was because of my feelings for Travis. I thought about the different paths my life would take from that moment--trusting Travis with a leap of faith and risking the unknown, or pushing him away and knowing exactly where I would end up, which include3d a life without him--either decision terrified me.
"Can I borrow your phone?" I asked.
Travis pulled his brows together, confused. "Sure," he said, pulling his phone from his pocket, handing it to me.
I dialed, and then closed my eyes as it rang in my ear.
"Travis? What the hell? Do you know what time it is?" Parker answered. His voice was deep and raspy, and I instantly felt my heart vibrating in my chest. It hadn't occurred to me that he would know I had called from Travis's phone.
My next words somehow found their way to my trembling lips. "I'm sorry for calling you so early, but this couldn't wait. I...can't go to dinner with you on Wednesday."
It's almost four in the morning, Abby. What's going on?"
"I can't see you at all, actually."
"I'm...pretty sure I'm in love with Travis," I said, bracing for his reaction.
After a few moments of shocked silence, he hung up in my ear.
My eyes still focused on the pavement, I handed Travis is phone and then reluctantly peered up at his expression. A combination of confusion, shock, and adoration scrolled across his face.
"He hung up," I grimaced.
He scanned my face with careful hope in his eyes. "You love me?"
"It's the tattoos," I shrugged.
A wide smile stretched across his face, making his dimple sink into his cheek. "Come home with me," he said, enveloping me in his arms.
My eyebrows shot up. "You said all that to get me in bed? I must have made quite an impression."
"The only thing i'm thinking about right now is holding you in my arms all night."
Let's go," I said.

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