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Blog Tour: Dirty Nights by Emerson St. Clair

10:26 AMAlma Lopez

Title: Dirty Nights

Author: Emerson St. Clair


If you like your romances light and sweet, this is NOT for you. This is a tough and gritty story of heartbreak, rejection, and hard love. You’ve been warned.

Life isn’t easy.
Nor is it fair.
And you don’t get to choose who you fall in love with.
Sometimes love chooses you.

Skylina...Her story is not pretty. Discarded like trash by her father. Forced into prostitution by her mother. Used and abused, she learns to cope. And survives. Because she has to. What other choice is there?

Ryder...His story is every bit as ugly. Beaten and left for dead. A star whose light was extinguished long before it should have been. Now a he’s drug addict who wrestles with the demons that try to destroy him.

Two broken people...
Extraordinary circumstances...
Pasts that could tear them apart.

Attention: This book is also published as the Dirty Nights Novella Series under A.M. Hargrove’s pen name of Emerson St. Clair.

**Content Warning: Due to the explicit sexual content this is not intended for younger readers.

Goodreads Links: Part one-Dirty Nights
Part Two- Dirty Nights Part Two
Part Three: Dirty Nights Part Three

Purchase Links:
B&N:  http://bit.ly/1uKilk7
Amazon: http://amzn.to/1g0wzcz
Kobo:  http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/dirty-nights
Smashwords:  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/435874

Well these three books were definitely filled with some hot dirty nights. I'm glad I got to read them altogether instead of having to wait for each additional book. Both Ryder and Skylina have troubled pasts with their demons still following them wherever they go. Neither one of them excepted the intense connection that formed instantly between them. This leads to both of them attempting to fight their emotions, which causes some very frustrating and consistent progress followed by emotional retreats. One minute they can't fight their desire, then the next minute one of them flees for the hills. I enjoy some good angst though, so I was more then prepared for the ride.

"I've totally ferked up here. He's going to be impossible to stay away from. And that's dangerous for me. I need to stay away from him. But the real question is, can I?" -Skylina

Skylina has had a rough life, and that's putting it mildly. Her mother was a drug addict that forced her into prostitution at the ripe ol' age of sixteen in order to pay for her addiction. She was raped and sold until she found a nicer pimp who treated her with more respect. Now she is a stripper and a high paid prostitute on the side...I know what you're thinking. What kind of upgrade is that? Well it was much better than where she was before. However, she is still forced into all this to support her mother and her effed up drug addiction. So you can see why she steers clear of actual relationships due to her current professional occupation. She not only has her unsavory past, but also carries around a heavy load of demons with her. The only thing that brings a positive light into her life is dancing. It is her only escape from her destructive reality. That is until she bumps into a handsome stranger at a coffee shop that provides a delicious distraction from her life. 

Ryder seemingly had it all and was living the high life, until he was attacked in an alley and was left for dead. Now his once bright promising dancing career was stripped away from him. What was he supposed to do now? Well, he fell into a deep dark hole of depression and drugs. He was dangerously close to knocking on deaths door for good, but with help and an ultimatum he was able to get his life together.  He was a recovering addict who could no longer do what he loved to do, but in the end it made him a better person. After his run in with Skylina at the coffee shop, he couldn't get her out of his mind. It seems fate was willing to throw him a bone, because he ends up saving her from an attacker that was trying to rape her in an alley. They instantly felt the undeniable attraction, but didn't know how to handle the situation. 

"She's opened up to me and now I want all of her to myself. I don't want to share her with any of her johns. Or scumbags that watch her dance. I want her to dance just for me. And me alone. Now that she's shared that part of herself, I feel wounded too. And possessive." -Ryder

Eventually he finds out what she does for a living. She opens up to him and tells the story of her damaged upbringing. Ryder is filled with conflicting emotions. He wants her and feels the need to be there for her and protect her, but he also doesn't know if he can handle being with her if he is forced to share her. Skylina knows what she needs to do is let go of her mother, but she unable to deal with the guilt if something  would happen to her if she deserted her mother. This leads to a back and forth impasse that doesn't to have a resolution that will satisfy both their needs.

"But now I want to fuck her, softly and sweetly. I want to show her that side of me too. But I can't. Not until she leaves that ugly part of her life behind. So i'm the one that will have to leave her behind. Even though it hurts. Like recovering from that beating that nearly took my life." -Ryder

It was pure torture to experience the ups and downs of their relationship. They both have never had real relationships, and given their unique circumstances, they are both treading on uncharted waters. On top of all the obstacles they have to deal with, Ryder is still holding his secret hostage from her. So many what ifs and demons to slay. Can they actually make it through this treacherous storm and find the peaceful calm to a happily ever after? 

"You were meant to be fucked, Skylina, but only by me." -Ryder

This was an intriguing story that had some deep characters. I enjoyed their journey to find peace with themselves and learn to let go. Skylina's horrible past really pulled at the heart strings and had me frustratingly rooting for her to overcome and prosper. I would recommend these three books to my fellow readers out there who like a more gritty emotional journey to find their love.

3.5 out of 5 Deliciously Dirty,  Demon Conquering Stars!

Author Low Down:

A.M. Hargrove resides in the south, dividing her time between the upstate of South Carolina and the mountains of North Carolina. She truly believes that chocolate, coffee and ice cream should be added to the USDA food groups.

Her books include Adult, New Adult and Young Adult Romances, including, The Guardians of Vesturon (Survival, Resurrection, Determinant, reEmergent and the novella Beginnings); Dark Waltz (A Praestani Novel) Edge of Disaster, Shattered Edge, Kissing Fire, Tragically Flawed, Exquisite Betrayal and Tragic Desires.

Please find her at http://www.amhargrove.com

A.M. also writes under the name of Emerson St. Clair. Emerson's books include the Dirty Nights novella series

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