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*New Review* Black Rain by Jettie Woodruff

7:11 AMAlma Lopez


This is a story about me, about who I am, about how I got to be me, and about the people who helped mold me in to Makayla Carlie. 
There comes a time when life’s disappointments start to add up. When you can’t cry one more tear. When you can’t feel that surge of panic one more time, or when you can’t pray for one more day. You wonder, are we humans having a spiritual experience, or are we spirits having a human experience? What does it all mean? Do we all have a purpose? People said I was a hero—that I could persevere through anything I put my mind to. How could I be a hero when I never got a choice? Nobody asked me. 
I did what I hope anyone reading this would do. While one life was taken too soon, another needed to live, really live. She needed to be the center of somebody’s universe. I was that universe. Just like the Pea under the mattress, I felt her.

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Yes! Yes! Yes! I was magically seduced and captivated by this absolutely amazing story. I am seriously running out of flattering adjectives to explain the awesomeness that is Jettie Woodruff. She just plain and simple, knows how to write an enthralling story with lots of emotion and grit that effortlessly lures you in.  Jettie is a sure thing every time (wink..wink). This book is not your typical love story where boy meets girl and they live happily ever after. There is heart break, inner turmoil, pain, struggle, and salvation found in the most unbexpected of places. We are left on the edge with lots of WTF's and head scratching, while trying to figure out what is going on in the present as well as the past. Mikki is such a strong and inspiring character. Her connection with the little ray of light that is Pea, was so heart warming to experience. And that is what you will do, you won't just read about it, you will feel that connection jump at you through every relevant word and wrap around you like a warm comforting hug. 

"My thoughts still roamed, and I had a hard time sleeping, but Pea did help. Having her in bed with me kept me from thinking anything too dark. I didn't see the grim like skeleton of my mother. I saw a small little miracle that I had fallen madly in love with."

Makayla has a horribly painful past that she was running from, but ends up finding some peace from the most beautiful little girl. It's easy to see that Pea needed Mikki in her life after being neglected and treated with as much tenderness as a fancy accessory in her parents' lives. However, Mikki ended up needing Pea just as much...they saved each other from a dark and gloomy existence. Everytime I read about them I immediately wanted to find my little nugget and hug the ever loving crap out of him! Meanwhile, there is a strange powerful force that draws Mikki to Pea's not-so-charming father. 

"I felt every angry, hot word. What the hell was that? The emotional surge of feelings I wasn't accustomed to confused me and I felt disoriented. I closed my eyes and swallowed, trying not to feel. That feeling scared the hell out of me. WTF?" 

The obvious yet confusing chemistry that Blake and Mikki had was steamy and forbidden, just how I like it. Blake was such an egotistical and arrogant bag of douche that you just wanted to give him a swift kick to the nuts. Despite the obvious distaste that Mikki felt for him, the raw attraction was undeniable. I appreciate the fact that Blake didn't go from douche to prince charming over night. I truly hated him throughout a good chunk of the book.  Even when he did small decent things, it wasn't enough to completely change him. The amazing, bright, glowing connection that Pea and Mikki shared is what eventually begins to thaw that cold bastard's heart. Because his character stayed true to his emotionless disconnect through the majority of the book, it makes the payoff in the end that much more effective and endearing. In general, I think a lot of the aspects of their relationship may seem harsh and completely unromantic at times (no flowers or unicorns in sight), but it all makes it feel so much more authentic. Stick in there...it's sooooo worth it! 

"'Once upon a time there was a prince who wanted to find a princess, but she would have to be a real princess,' I began.

'That's me.'

'It's always you,' I said kissing her head. She always said that. Every time.

'Yes, it's always you.'"

The book switches back and forth between the past and the present. During the present you read about how Mikki and Pea are on the run, but we don't know why. Then during the flash backs, you experience not only the beautiful growing relationship of Pea and Nikki, but also the heart break of the dark moments that the past brings. I couldn't make up my mind where I wanted to be throughtout the book...reading the past or the present. When I was reading the flashbacks I was desperate to find out what was going on and in the present, and when I was reading the present parts I kept wanting to go back to see what finally happens with Blake. Either way, it all flowed seamlessly. I loved the fact that the relationship between Mikki and Pea was just as relevant as the relationship between Mikki and Blake. The characters were all built to perfection. I fell so madly for all of them in the end. Jettie sure knows how to create a dark, emotionless, prick of a male character, that somehow, through no thought at all, you end up loving hard. She can probably make me fall in love with the devil himself...maybe even have a few of his babies too. The storyline kept me so desperate for more that I stayed up to the wee hours of the night reading. I got lost in the book, and didn't want to be found (Get your own food...Mommy's reading). The ending brought out the dreaded Shaken-Kindle-Syndrome with a force. Thankfully we won't have to wait long to find out what those ominous last words truly mean. The story rocks on with Midnight Rain, due to release at the end of March. *insert giddy nerd girl dance* If you haven't gotten the gist of all my endless rambling...GO READ THIS BOOK!!!!! I 100 percent give my full book junkie praise and approval for this amazballs book!

5 out of 5 Cook Instead of Drugs, Always You Pea, Magically Captivating Stars!!! 

Next installment--> Midnight Rain due to release March 31st:

Author Low Down:

Hey everybody. I’m Jettie. I live in Ohio where it is, freezing cold right now. Why do I live in Ohio? Some of my favorite things, besides writing are, friends, family, the beach, (any is fine.) Music, although my interest has changed after forty. I like the new stuff. Pink is my favorite and I am going to one of her concerts, (my birthday is September 16th) Just saying. I am addicted to Lucky Charms at the moment, but that could change. Last month it was almonds. I write whatever I feel, because that’s what makes me happy. I don’t want to be in that box where I can only write one genre. I’m too crazy and life’s too short for boxes. And that’s about it. Last words. You can’t hang out with negative people and live a positive life. Run from them!

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