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Book Title: Midnight Rain 
Author: Jettie Woodruff 
Genre: Adult Romance 
Release Date: March 30, 2015 
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You walked with Makayla through her story. You know where she came from and how she became the person she is. You laughed and fell in love with Pea. You watched the pain and sorrow of life, but you also watched a little girl blossom into a beautiful morning rose.
You witnessed the love and connections between this little family, and learned first hand, how strong they really were.
Midnight Rain picks up where Black Rain left off. What happens AFTER the happily ever after? Better yet; what happened before the story ever began?
How did Blake grow into the man you met in Black Rain? What comes next for Mikki? Will true love prevail, or will the past haunt the future? Not only will you feel bumps left in Mikki's life, you'll also feel the ones Blake must hurdler in Midnight Rain.

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YAY! Pea is back and cuter than ever. Is it weird that I missed that little nugget something fierce? To say I was an eager freakin beaver to get my hands on this book after the way Black Rain ended, would be the understatement of the year. Thankfully I was able to get my greedy little junkie fingers on this one shortly after I finished Black Rain (phew). Now we get our much needed answers to those nagging questions we were left with, while enjoying the beautiful flourishing of this newfound adorable family. Oh, let's not forget that Jettie is one dirty bird, who will crack you up like no other and have you throwing your knickers to the wind! She sure as hell had me walking on the ledge with this one...my fragile heart was in her hands and I just had to trust that she was going to talk me down in the end. *Palms Sweating* Here goes nothing...

"You're a body whisperer."
I laughed. " I am. I'm right too."
"You're right. Everything in my body is talking to you; telling you how much I love you, how unquestionably happy I am that you ran into me, and how much I love being inside of you."

Swoony, swoon, swoon! Blake and Mikki had to navigate through some big life transitions after book one. New home, new job, new life, all the while dealing with the lurking shadows of what their future might hold. *Cue looming dark music* There were so many frustrating unanswered questions...will she, won't she...does he, doesn't he? It sent me straight to utter edgy madness...madness I say! It was like Jettie had the juicy steak dangling just out of reach, and we were the desperate beezies clawing to get to it. (Gimme...gimme!)

"All the anger and frustration about the cards I was dealt kept coming. I didn't want these cards. I didn't even want to play this stupid game."

We once again get to step back in time with some flash backs from the past, but this time we get a glimpse into Blake and Janie's past. Time to see where the story all began. It was a times heart breaking, but endearing to see that nobody's perfect. There is no wrong or right way to deal with the pain that comes from caner...there is no handbook to tell you how deal and how you should act. There are so many heart squeezing moments throughout this book, but there are also such magically beautiful moments in there too. Pea once again stole my heart and kept a cheesy smirk planted on my face. 

"Do you have bad dream?"
No. I have happy dreams. Cause I'm happy."
Swoon. That part melted my heart into a pile of goo. The last part shattered it.
"Because I have you, and Mikki, and my grandmas and my grandpa. And everybody loves me."
That's because you're so special."
No, it's because I'm a princess like a boss."

If you read Black Rain, then you can easily figure out what Mikki has to possibly deal with. It doesn't all go to plan, and there are a lot of secrets unearthed while reminiscing in the past. Sometimes asking for more information, just forms more questions and the answers are not always what you may have wanted to hear. Jettie Woodruff knows how to not only talk dirty to me, but also lure me in with great story telling, and unforgettable characters that will be forever engrained in me. This story was truly a gift that just kept on giving. This book will make you laugh, swoon, get you all hot and bothered, cry, and shake your poor defenseless Kindle. I really should have invested in some bubble wrap for my Kindle, because there were definitely some close calls there. My fragile heart made it through the maddening frustrations...I never doubted you would talk me down from the ledge Jettie, and the journey was so worth it. So, to end my rambling. Should you read this duet? Hmmm...let me think...YES!!! Go get your one-click fingers flexin' my book junkies. And as always...Feed the Need!

4.5 out of 5 Swoony, Heart Melting, Frustrating, Princess Like a Boss Stars!!!!

Author Low Down:


Hey everybody. I’m Jettie. I live in Ohio where it is, freezing cold. Why do I love in Ohio? Some of my favorite things, besides writing are, friends, family, the beach, (any is fine.) Music, although my interest has changed after forty. I like the new stuff. Pink is my favorite and I am going to one of her concerts, (my birthday is September 16th) Just saying. I am addicted to Lucky Charms at the moment, but that could change. Last month it was almonds. I write whatever I feel, because that’s what makes me happy. I don’t want to be in that box where I can only write one genre. I’m too crazy and life’s too short for boxes. And that’s about it. Last words. You can’t hang out with negative people and live a positive life. Run from them!

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